Serbian Cultural Society Frula (SKUD Frula)

Serbian Cultural Society Frula (SKUD Frula) is a non-profit organization, centered around the portrayal of Serbian culture through song and dance. We are a group that takes pride in learning, practicing, and performing many traditional Serbian folk dances – something we have been doing since our inception in 2009. In addition to practicing Serbian folk dances and songs, we volunteer and participate at many local events to give back to those who support us. We also organize fundraising events for those who need our support and have been able to raise money for many in need, both here in Canada and in Serbia. The continuous education of Serbian traditions and customs is also very important, as it allows our members to learn and pass down a little bit of their ancestral history to their friends or loved ones. SKUD Frula hosts seminars and presentations each year to teach those interested about various aspects of Serbian culture. We believe that knowing where we come from and the history behind every dance or song is valuable to every member of SKUD Frula – as it brings us closer to our roots.