Polanie Polish Song & Dance Association

Polanie Polish Song & Dance Association was founded in Calgary in 1977 under the initiative of Krystyna Cichowicz (Siostra Alojza). Since its onset, the ensemble has developed and established a unique style which has become a recognized landmark in Canada and Internationally. Polanie has participated in festivals in Poland, Italy, Canada and the United States. A significant highlight in our history and past achievements is marked by our performance at the opening ceremony of the Calgary Olympic Games in 1988. This past year, Polanie celebrated their 45th anniversary, and our dancers can look forward to participating once again in Rzeszow’s international festival for the first time since 2019. 

The group exists to present and promote the rich heritage and artistic tradition of Polish folk and national dance, to cultivate high standards of technical and artistic merit, to enrich and foster the artistic development of youth, and to entertain audiences with our dynamic interpretations of the Polish dance form. Our vision is to celebrate the Polish heritage of Canadian youth through projecting our Polish folk dance team onto the global stage where we can share our culture and passion with the world. Among our artistic achievements, Polanie prides itself in hosting a culture of dancers who all approach their responsibilities and interests with great enthusiasm, determination, and passion. Because of the efforts of our dancers and all who have supported our organization, our youth is translating the skills and values learned on stage into their lives as they approach adulthood and become esteemed members of Canadian society.