Miorita Romanian Cultural Society Inc.

Miorita Romanian Cultural Society Inc. was created in 1991 by a group of enthusiastic and passionate people in love with the Romanian Culture and the rich folkloric dances. Most of them danced since a very young age with Eminescu Folk Dance Group and had family members who danced since 1965 when the first organized dance group was formed in Regina, Saskatchewan.
Miorita’s main reason for existing was to preserve Romanian culture through artistic activities, such as dance, choir, band, etc., but lately, the scope was enlarged to include Romanian Language Classes. Throughout the years, instructors, dancers, volunteers, and parents have put sweat, tears, joy and soul into amazing performances while dancing their way across the North American Continent. If we are here today, at this competition, it is due to the hard work of a few generations of instructors such as Kae Banda (deceased), Kim Rotelick (deceased), Pamela and Jason Rotelick, Laurisa Rotelick, Cindy McFadyen, Bonnie Mancinelli, Reagan Williams, Andre Piasta, Emily Baumann and Alina Marga.
At this competition. Miorita hopes to honour the work of our predecessors with dances from three different historical provinces of Romania. The dances showcase different steps – from small, low to the ground and stumpy steps of Bucovina to light and asymmetric steps of Dobrogea. Each dance will also highlight the richness of the Romanian traditional folk costumes. Enjoy!