Krakusy Polish Folk Dance Association

Krakusy Polish Folk Dance Association was formed over 20 years ago in 2002 by Sister Alojza in Calgary.  What started off as a small group of children eager to dance, soon grew with time and talent.  Today, the group is just over 55 members strong and is divided into 3 age groups.

Throughout the years the talents of many instructors and choreographers alike have made Krakusy an incredible youth Polish dance group.  A place where children and youth are welcomed, where they can learn together about Polish culture, and explore the music, the language and the richness of our Polish folklore.  Through building friendships, exploring the near and far places together, and working hard on new choreographies, our dancers not only gain great dance skills, but also gain flexibility, resilience, and camaraderie!  Polish folklore is amazing!  With lively music where the children jump, spin and laugh, to melancholy melodies where beautiful steps remind us of the emotional struggles of leaving one’s homeland behind…

Krakusy has proudly represented Calgary in Poland during an International Polish Youth Dance Festival, although the festival takes place every 3 years, Krakusy has attended for the past 6!  Krakusy has also travelled in local Alberta and BC cities and performed during many Polish events and festivals here in Alberta, including the World Heritage Days in Edmonton. 

 Today we are pleased to perform for our audience a dance from Zywiec – a mountain region of Poland where the boys and girls dance together to pass the time.  They both showcase their skills and the boys show off their strength through the various trucks they perform.  We also take you on a journey to a Warsaw polka, where the vibrant and colourful costumes along with the fast pace of the dance will captivate you.  Lastly, we will travel to the northern part of Poland where we will showcase our Kaszuby dance – beautiful music with flowing steps of dance, where boys and girls imitate the waves of the lakes of that beautiful Polish region.  Thank you for coming and we hope you enjoy our performance!