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We are currently hiring a Treasurer for the Calgary European Film Festival

Job Description


The European Cultural Society of Calgary (ECSC) is looking to fill our Treasurer position. This volunteer board member position will be responsible for the management of all of our organization’s finances. This is an elected position which will be awarded at the yearly board meetings, which typically occur in early April. The ECSC treasurer role is voluntary and it is especially important that this person understands and is committed to act in the best interests of ECSC at all times. 

What does a nonprofit treasurer do?

As a board member, the nonprofit treasurer is responsible for overseeing all aspects of an organization’s finances. Not only will they manage and monitor the ECSC’s financial condition, but they will also keep its board of directors informed on all things financial so that they can make important decisions.

Typical nonprofit treasurer duties

Although not required, ideally the Treasurer has some knowledge of nonprofit accounting and finances.

These are the two main categories of financial duties a treasurer may need to perform.

  1. From a strategic perspective, treasurer will be responsible for ensuring the organization puts sound financial measures and internal controlsin place—including, in many cases, the development and implementation of policies for current and future spending and to maintain cash reserves. 
  • Provide support for fundraising strategies
  • Ensure funding is being spent in accordance with all restrictions: i.e. Alberta Gaming, Liquor, and Cannabis (AGLC) funding, etc.
  • See that budgets and other financial reports are on time prepared and presented to board membersfor regular review and discussion
  1. From a financial performance perspective, the treasurer will be responsible for all financial transactions, preparing and signing cheques, keeping detailed records of all expenses and spending, and monitoring the organization’s budgeted vs actual cost and revenue amounts. Some of the specific Tasks will include:
  • Keeping up to date on AGLC policies (online courses), ensuring compliance around account record maintenance, financial reporting, and the filing requirements for annual information returns.
  • Create a budget and prepare cash flow forecasts to help identify and prevent financial issues over the long term
  • Responsible for both performing and approving an organization’s financial transactions.
  • Processing accounts payable
  • Performing bank account reconciliations 

Time Commitments

Historically, ECSC’s largest event is the yearly Calgary European Film Festival which typically runs over a 10-day period from early to mid-November. As such from early September to late December the treasurer role requires 3-4 hours/week, with additional hours required immediately prior, during, and after the festival. From January through August, the treasurer should expect a commitment of 3-4 hours/month dealing with various additional accounting and treasurer duties.

Specific Tasks

  • Leading up to the Festival the Treasurer will be busy processing and paying for the Movies for many of the participant communities; generally via wire transfers, either in person at the bank or online.
  • Keeping track of all festival payables and recording and paying these;
  • Keep track of receivables during and immediately following the festival
  • Preparing, sending, and tracking invoices to participating members, and following up as needed for payments;
  • Attending regular board meetings (generally monthly from December through August, and increasing to twice monthly, and then weekly just before the festival (September through November).
  • Preparing yearly Financial Statement in late December and presenting it at yearly AGM.
  • Setting up yearly files on ECSC google drive for all members to use and share their data on.
  • This is an elected po


  • Experience with bookkeeping is key
  • Good knowledge of Excel or other spreadsheet programs
  • Attention to detail and meticulous record keeper.


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