HeadShot (Między Oczy)


2021, 1h 40m, Poland
Director: Piotr Weresniak
Cast: Tamara Arciuch, Dominika Kluzniak, Bartek Kasprzykowski, Bartosz Opania
Genre: Comedy/Drama

Two married couples, college friends, meet after fifteen years to spend a weekend together in a summer house by the pond. However, having fun together turns out to be impossible because everything divides them. The old friends represent opposing worldviews, social, religious and civilizational attitudes of the contemporary world. The culture war taking place in the world today has also reached them. When it finally seems that there is a chance for a common language across the divides, something happens that… further exacerbates the conflict. HEADSHOT is an intimate, low-budget, independent film made by a few people during the coronavirus pandemic. Canadian Premiere, CEFF 2021.

All films at CEFF are presented in their original language with English subtitles.

In-Cinema: Wed Nov 10 at 7:30 PM (Globe Cinema 2)
Stream: Nov 6-14 across Alberta

Polish Canadian Cultural Centre

Presented by the Polish Canadian Cultural Centre

Polish Canadian Cultural Centre

With Community Support from the Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers