Backyard Village


2021, 1h 32m, Iceland
Director: Marteinn Thorsson
Cast: Laufey Elíasdóttir, Tim Plester, Eygló Hilmarsdóttir
Genre: Drama

When 40-year-old Brynja decides to spend some time away from the city she lives in, she finds herself at a health spa in a small Icelandic town. Escaping ghosts of her past, including meeting her mother who has just returned to Iceland after leaving the family 35 years earlier, Brynja takes lodgings in a small guesthouse. It is here, at Backyard Village, where she meets Mark, an Englishman who is also seeking retreat, and is coming to terms with his own personal tragedy. The vulnerable pair share a deep connection and, ultimately, an unbreakable bond.

All films at CEFF are presented in their original language with English subtitles.

In-Cinema: Sat Nov 13 at 3:30 PM (Globe Cinema 2)
Stream: Nov 6-14 across Canada

Presented by the Honorary Consul for Iceland in Alberta