About the 2022 Hybrid Festival

The 11th Edition of the Calgary European Film Festival took place from November 5-13, 2022. The event was a hybrid festival, with both in-person film screenings at Globe Cinema and an online component. All films were shown in-cinema, with about one third of the films also available to stream online for the duration of the festival. 


All CEFF screenings take place at Globe CinemaPlease note that Globe Cinema is not an accessible venue, as there are stairs to access both the washrooms and cinemas.



Window to Stream: Nov 5 at noon until Nov 13 at 11:55pm, 2022 for online films.
Where to Watch: Films are geo-restricted to either Alberta or Canada. This is indicated on the film page.
Online Films: Scroll to the bottom of the schedule page to see which films from the CEFF program are available to stream.


Tickets & Passes

Tickets: $12 per ticket (in-cinema or online). View the film or schedule page to select the film you want to purchase tickets for.
Passes: In Cinema Pass ($175):

  • Get access to all films playing at Globe Cinema
  • Your pass grants you access to the full lineup of films so that you can watch them all in-person between November 5-13.
  • Your pass does not include films streaming online (online streaming tickets must be purchased separately).
  • Consult the schedule page to see when each film plays.
  • You do not need to redeem tickets in advance, instructions will be sent to you in your confirmation email.

Online Streaming FAQs

How do I get tickets for CEFF 2022?

Tickets are on sale now. Visit the Films page and click the “Tickets” button for the film you want to see. Tickets for each film cost $12 (in-cinema or online).

When can I watch films?

All films showing online are available to watch on-demand between Saturday, Nov 5 at noon and Sunday, Nov 13 at 11:55pm. Once you click on your streaming link, you will have 48-hours to finish watching the movie. Please note that this year, the majority of films are playing in-cinema only.

How long do I have to watch a film? Can I watch it more than once?

Yes. Once you begin watching, you have 48 hours to view the film. During this 48-hour period, you can watch or restart the film as many times as needed.

How do I watch films?

Once you purchase an online ticket, films can be streamed on your smartphone, laptop, tablet, or television. If you’ve purchased a ticket you will be emailed a screening link prior to the festival starting. On the confirmation email you receive click the link to watch. If you are accessing tickets on a mobile device and do not see the Watch URL click “View Purchase” and you will be directed to the Watch link.

Watch on your computer, mobile phone or tablet: You can stream through the following web browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, and Opera. For both PC and Apple computers, we recommend that you use the latest version of your browser. Note: Internet Explorer is not supported. 

Screen Sharing (Chromecast & Apple TV): You can stream films on Chromecast or Apple TV (all generations) by screen sharing your smartphone, tablet, or computer on the same Wi-Fi network. Instructions for screen sharing using your Apple TV using AirPlay can be found here. For information on screen sharing using your Chromecast, click here.

HDMI: If you have a laptop or computer with an HDMI port, you can connect it directly to your television, using it as a second monitor. Connection details will depend on your setup, and you may need to reference the television’s manual to ensure it’s supported.

Please note that unlike some other film festivals, CEFF does not support watching films on the Apple TV or Roku apps.

Can I watch a film in more than one location?

You can only view your film on one wifi network or internet connection. Once you start your stream in one location, you cannot continue viewing it in another location or on a different network. For example, if you start watching at home and try to restart at a friend’s house. Alternately, you can only use different devices in one location if they are using the same network. For example, if you start watching on a TV and switch to a tablet or laptop, they both need to be connected to the same wifi network.

Do I need to be in a specific province to watch a film?

Some films are geo-restricted to Alberta, and others are geo-restricted to Canada. This information is indicated on the film page. To purchase and watch a film, you must be in Alberta / Canada. Our ticketing system Showpass tracks your IP and will ask you for your postal code at checkout to determine if you are outside of the province. You will not be able to buy a ticket or watch a film if you are not in Alberta / Canada.

If you are located in Alberta and still receiving a “Film Not Available In Your Region” error message please contact boxoffice@calgaryeuropeanfilmfestival.ca

Do films have English subtitles?

Yes! All films are presented in their original language with English subtitles.

Refund & Exchange Policy

Please note that if you do not watch films during the set streaming times or navigate your way around the system with a VPN and cannot access content we will not be offering refunds. Tickets are non-transferable and CEFF will not be offering any ticket exchanges.  

Ticket Fees

An additional fee is added to all ticket purchases. This is set by CEFF’s ticketing and payment processing providers. The ticketing fees include a flat fee per item + % of all proceeds processed + GST. 

If you have any questions relating to streaming or ticketing please contact:
e. festival@calgaryeuropeanfilmfestival.ca
p. +1 (587) 572-5018